Film: From Al-Araqib to Susiya: Forced displacement on both sides of the Green Line
Film: From Al-Araqib to Susiya: Forced displacement on both sides of the Green Line

In a new film, Adalah captures the stories of two Palestinian villages, Al-Araqib and Susiya – one in Israel, one in the West Bank – that share a single story of struggle against forced displacement.

The film documents a journey between the two villages and two communities, whose very existence on their land is under threat today. It also demonstrates how, in the face of a single Israeli policy to forcibly displace Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line, the people are drawing on deep reserves of courage and steadfastness to remain on their land.

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Take Action against the Prawer Plan

The Israeli government is trying to legitimize the forced displacement of Palestinian Bedouin citizens of Israel living in the Naqab (Negev) through the Prawer-Begin Plan, currently put before the Knesset. 

Join Adalah and the Arab Bedouin community in opposing this racist plan, which threatens to displace up to 70,000 people from their land, in the largest single confiscation of Palestinian-owned land since the establishment of Israel.

Like us on Facebook, where we will continue to share updates of new developments from the community and ways of getting involved. Sign a petition to halt the plan that will be delivered to members of the Israeli government and Knesset as well as international policy-makers on the occasion of the bill’s first reading.
Nomads Against Their Will: The attempted expulsion of the Arab Bedouin in the Naqab
Nomads Against Their Will: The attempted expulsion of the Arab Bedouin in the Naqab
Issued September 2011.
The people of Atir–Umm al-Hieran in the Naqab (Negev), Arab Bedouin who hold Israeli citizenship,  have been fighting for years against the state’s plans to evict them and replace their vilage of 1,000 with a Jewish city. Read about their history and struggle:

Watch the video: Nomads Against Their Will
The EU and the Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel
The EU and the Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel

Issued February 2011 with the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network and the Arab Association for Human Rights

The EU displays a critical awareness of the problems that Arab citizens of Israel face, particularly with regard to discrimination in the exercise of their civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights.

However, the EU has under-exploited the various instruments at its disposal. This report contains specific recommendations about what strategies the EU can use to promote equality and respect for human rights.

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Inequality Report: The Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel
Inequality Report: The Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel
Published March 2011. 
The definition of Israel as “the Jewish State” or “the State of the Jewish People” makes inequality a practical, political and ideological reality for Palestinian citizens of Israel.
The State of Israel, as an ethnocracy or “ethnic nationstate”, is systematically failing to adopt effective measures to redress the gaps that exist between the Palestinian minority and the Jewish majority. By privileging Jewish citizens in many fields, the state actively preserves and even widens these gaps.

The Inequality Report details some of the main legal, political and policy structures that institutionalize and entrench discrimination against the Palestinian minority in Israel.
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The Accused Part II - Failures Investigating October 2000
The Accused Part II - Failures Investigating October 2000
Issued January 2011. 
Detailed Summary: English

The Attorney General decided in January 2008 to close the investigatory files into the deaths thirteen young Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel and injuries of many others during October 2000.
On the 10th anniversary of the events, Adalah is pushlishing The Accused - Part II, which evaluates the facts, offical conduct, evidentiary standards, evaluations, and conclusions  and ultimately finds the Attorney General's decision to close investigation files deeply flawed. 
Prohibited Protest
Prohibited Protest
Issued September 2009.
Crowds of Palestinian citizens of Israel came out in December 2008 to demonstrate against "Operation Cast Lead", joined by Jewish Israelis.

State authorities, including even certain academic institutions, made arrest the easiest and fastest method of suppressing the protest against the military operations. The reaction to the demonstrations made clear the ease with which the State can deny a demonstrator's rights. 
Prohibited Protest details what happened during these demonstrations and how authorities worked to silence opposition.
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The Democratic Constitution
The Democratic Constitution

The Democratic Constitution (English | Arabic | Hebrew | French)

On the tenth anniversary of its founding, Adalah is issuing "The Democratic Constitution," as a constitutional proposal for the state of Israel, based on the concept of a democratic, bilingual, multicultural state. This proposed constitution draws on universal principles and international conventions on human rights, the experiences of nations and the constitutions of various democratic states.

In recent years, Israeli groups have put forward several constitutions for the state of Israel. However, these proposals are distinguished by their lack of conformity to democratic principles, in particular the right to complete equality of all residents and citizens, and by their treatment of Arab citizens as if they were strangers in this land, where history, memory and collective rights exist only for Jewish people.

It is no coincidence therefore that these proposals have been preoccupied with the question of "Who is a Jew?" and have neglected the primary constitutional question of, "Who is a citizen?"

Thus, we decided to propose a democratic constitution. This constitution respects the freedoms of the individual and the rights of all groups, gives proper weight to the historical injustices committed against Arab citizens of Israel, and deals seriously with the social and economic rights of all. 

The preparation of this constitutional proposal took place in parallel with two other documents

"The Future Vision for the Palestinian Arabs in Israel,"  prepared by a team consisting of the head of the High Follow-up Committee for the Arabs in Israel on behalf of National Committee for Arab Mayors

"The Haifa Declaration," published by Mada al-Carmel - Arab Center For Applied Social Research. 

Although the formulation of this constitution is at an advanced stage, we consider this constitution a draft proposal.

The Accused - Failures Investigating October 2000
The Accused - Failures Investigating October 2000
Issued October 2006.

During the period of 1 to 8 October 2000, Israel Police forces killed thirteen Arab youths in the Triangle and Galilee areas and wounded hundreds more during protests against the killing of Palestinians in various locations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). 
The Or Commission formed one month later and  found that there was no justification whatsoever for the gunfire that caused the deaths of 13 Palestinian citizens of Israel. It discovered that in October 2000 snipers were used to disperse demonstrations for the first time since 1948. 
Despite this, in September 2005, five years later, Mahash  (the Ministry of Justice Police Investigation Unit)  decided not to issue an indictment in even one of the 13 cases of killing by police officers.

Adalah asked Mahash for all of its investigatory material, as well as thousands of pages of various documents and protocols brought before the Or Commission.

The report reveals Mahash’s failure to continue investigating the killings,  demonstrates how Mahash concealed essential facts from the public and issued a falsified report, and illuminates the masked and undeclared “collaboration” between Mahash investigators and some of the police officers under investigation. There has still not been a full investigation or any indictments issued for the youths' deaths.

In-Depth Summary and Conclusions: English
Full Report: Arabic | Hebrew
October 2000:  Law and Politics before the Or Commission of Inquiry
October 2000: Law and Politics before the Or Commission of Inquiry
Issued October 2003.

This report presents the key issues raised in the concluding arguments Adalah submitted to the official Commission of Inquiry into the October 2000 protest demonstrations on 5 December 2002:

It gives the main reasons for the October 2000 protest demonstrations in Israel, which resulted in the killing of 13 unarmed Palestinian citizens of the state and the injury of hundreds of others by the police. The report examines establishment of the Commission, its mandate, its proceedings, and warnings it issued.

Adalah's concluding arguments detail executive officials' acts and omissions of executive branch officials, leading up to and during the demonstrations of October 2000, and state authority attempts made to cover up the failures. It also describes numerous instances of police violence against Palestinian citizens of Israel, both before and during October 2000, and refers to the central negative role of the General Security Services (GSS) in setting state policy toward the
Arab community. 
Legal Violations of Arab Minority Rights in Israel - March 1998
Legal Violations of Arab Minority Rights in Israel - March 1998
Israel’s Implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination

Currently out of print - available in law school libraries in Israel and the United States