On Torture - June 2012
'On Torture' is the result of an expert workshop on the persistent and pervasive use of torture and ill-treatment against Palestinian prisoners in Israel. The journal presents documentation alongside international comparative lessons and strategies to heighten the sense of urgency among legal and medical professionals as well as the general public to demand the end of torture in Israeli prisons and accountability for victims.
MAKAN Volume 1 - The Right to the City (Spring 2006)
According to French philosopher Henri Lefebvre, “the right to the city” is a call for the restructuring of social, political and economic contexts in cities. This in turn requires a restructuring of power relations as a basic consideration in the creation of the urban space, by transferring power from capital and the state to urban inhabitants. On the basis of this definition there are two principal components of the right to the city: firstly, the right to appropriation, or the right of inhabitants to use the urban space and shape it as they desire. Secondly, the right to participation, or the right of inhabitants to a central role in decision-making with regard to the urban space in ...
MAKAN Volume 2 - The Right to a Spatial Narrative (2010)
In states that experience national and ethnic conflicts, the “space” is usually an expression of the official and privileged narrative of the dominant group. The dominant narrative, and the memory to which it is attached, are preserved and entrenched by spatial planning and urban design, among other things. In the Israeli context, the space of the state primarily reflects the Zionist ideological narrative. This narrative comprises stories and images such as the “tabula rasa” (the blank slate) and “making the desert bloom,” which are actually expressions of dispossession and control.