Occupied Palestinian Territory

Israel's actions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) are an inherent violation of the rights of Palestinians living there. Adalah contributes to the defense and promotion of Palestinians' rights both through its international advocacy – lobbying international organizations and foreign governments to ensure Israel honors its commitments to respect international human rights law and international humanitarian law – and through the filing of petitions before the Israeli courts. Adalah closely monitors rights abuses in the OPT, both during and outside of military offensives, and submits impact litigation cases to expose and challenge these practices.

Adalah has argued cases dealing with the denial of tort compensation to Palestinians harmed by Israeli military operations, demanding investigations into home demolitions; fighting against techniques of collective punishment imposed against the civilian population; and seeking an end to inhumane detention conditions at Israeli facilities.

A complete list of cases is available here:

Planned Burial of Palestinians in Mass and Anonymous Graves and Refusal to Allow Humanitarian Organizations to Enter the Jenin Refugee Camp
HCJ 3116/02, Adalah and LAW v. Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank
Last Update: 25/01/2012
Use of Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields by the Israeli Army
HCJ 3799/02, Adalah et al v. Yitzhak Eitan, Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank, et al
Last Update: 25/01/2012
Challenging the Israeli Army's Use of the "Military Necessity" Exception to Justify its Home Demolitions Policy
HCJ 4969/04, Adalah et. al. v. IDF Major General, Central Command, Moshe Kaplinski, et. al.
Last Update: 25/01/2012
Cancellation of Racist Law Preventing Palestinians from Claiming Compensation from Israel.
HCJ 8276/05, Adalah, et. al. v. The Minister of Defense, et. al.
Last Update: 25/01/2012
Challenging Cancellation of Residency Status of Palestinian Parliament Members from East Jerusalem.
HCJ 7803/06, Khalid Abu Arafeh, et al. v. Minister of Interior
Last Update: 25/01/2012
Demanding Criminal Investigations for Killings and Extensive Home Demolitions in Rafah, Gaza in 2004.
HCJ 3292/07, Adalah, et al. v. The Attorney General, et al. (case pending)
Last Update: 25/01/2012
Objection to the Eastern Ring Road Plan for Jerusalem, Designed to Create a Segregated Road System and to Encircle Palestinian Neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, in Violation of International and Israeli Law
Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee, Objection to Local Master Plan No. 4585/F "Eastern Ring Road – Central Section"
Last Update: 25/01/2012
Denial of Medical Treatment for the Sick and Wounded, Access of Medical Personnel and the Right to Burial of the Dead.
HCJ 2941/02, Badia Ra'ik Suabta and LAW v. Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank
HCJ 2936/02, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel v. Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank

Last Update: 24/01/2012
Demolition of Homes in the Jenin Refugee Camp.
HCJ 2977/02, Adalah and LAW v. Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Targeting of the Civilian Population in the West Bank by the Israeli Army
HCJ 3022/02, LAW, ACRI, and Adalah v. Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank, Yitzhak Eitan, and Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Shaul Mofaz
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Demanding National Insurance Institute (NII) to Transfer Disability Payments to 500 Beneficiaries from Gaza, after their Cancellation at the Beginning of 2009
HCJ 6820/09 Fadl Abu al-Qumsan et al. v. The Bank of Israel, et al.
Last Update: 25/11/2010
Eight Human Rights Organizations File Urgent Petition against the Targeting of Medical Personnel in Gaza and Preventing Them from Assisting the Dead and Wounded
HCJ 102/09 Physicians for Human Rights and Adalah, et al. v. The Prime Minister of Israel, et al.
Last Update: 07/01/2009
Objection to the Jerusalem Regional Master Plan that will Further Restrict Development of Palestinian Neighborhoods, Entrench the Settlements and Alter the City's Demographic Composition
Planning Committee, Filed in 11/08 to the National Council for Planning and Building in cooperation with the Civic Coalition
Last Update: 27/11/2008
Human Rights Organizations Demand the Immediate Opening of Karni Crossing, Essential for the Transport of Foodstuffs and Raw Materials between Gaza and Israel
HCJ 5523/07 Adalah, PCHR-Gaza, Al Mezan and Al Haq v. The Prime Minister, et al.
Last Update: 19/07/2007
Inhumane Treatment of Palestinian Detainees at Ansar III Detention Center.
HCJ 5591/02, Adalah et al v. Yuni Ben David, Military Commander of Ansar III et al
Last Update: 24/12/2002