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Israel's treatment of prisoners and detainees consistently violates their rights to a fair trial, to legal counsel, and to human dignity throughout the detention process. These violations apply disproportionately to Arab citizens of Israel, and to Palestinians living under occupation in the OPT. Despite Israel's claims, its laws impose brutal and inhumane treatment on those incarcerated in its prisons. Many Palestinian detainees are held in Israel, unable to be visited by their families, and in violation of international law.

Adalah's litigation targets severe policies such as 'administrative detention' and the classification of 'security detainees'. Individuals thus classified can be prevented from meeting with legal counsel for long periods of time; can be convicted on secret evidence; can have their imprisonment extended indefinitely and arbitrarily; and often are not formally charged with any crime. Other Adalah litigation attempts to defend basic rights of detainees, such as to pursue an education and to family visits; and to ensure accountability by requesting audio and video recordings of all interrogations.

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A complete list of cases is available here:

Permission for a Political Prisoner to Attend Son's Wedding.
Appeal 6990/01, Mohammad Zayed v. The Prison Authority
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Appeal of Unjust Denial of Prisoner's Furlough Rights.
Request for Appeal 3187/02, Abd el-Rahim Masarweh v. Israel Prisons Authority
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Demanding Permission for Physical Contact during Visits between Political Prisoners and their Children.
HCJ 7585/04, Hakeem Kana'ni, et. al. v. The Israel Prison Service
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Challenging Confiscation of Salt from Hunger-Striking Prisoners.
HCJ 7837/04, Lila Bourgal, et. al. v. The Israel Prison Service, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Ending Illegal Policy of Limiting Attorneys' Meetings with Hunger-Striking Prisoners.
HCJ 7867/04, Fida Kawaer, et. al. v. The Israel Prison Service
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Demanding Cancellation of Israel Prison Service Order Restricting Attorneys' Access to Detainees
HCJ 5613/06, Attorney Fadi Qawasmi, et. al. v. The Israel Prison Service
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Seeking to Compel the Israel Prison Service and Ministry of Education to Bring an End to Discrimination in Education against Adult Arab Prisoners
HCJ 3595/08 Adalah and the Legal Clinic for Prisoners' Rights and Rehabilitation v. The Israel Prison Service and the Ministry of Education
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Demanding that Palestinians from Gaza be Permitted to Visit their Relatives Incarcerated in Israeli Prisons, Following a Total Ban Imposed in June 2007
HCJ 5399/08 Adalah et al. v. the Defense Minister et al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Challenging Israel Prison Service Decision to Prohibit Palestinian Arab Prisoner Citizen of Israel from Marrying Palestinian Woman Prisoner from the OPT
Request for Appeal (Supreme Court) 7244/09 Bushnak v. Israel Prison Service
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Cancel Exemption for Israeli Police and GSS from Recording Interrogations of Security Suspects
HCJ 9416/10 Adalah v. Ministry of Public Security
Last Update: 21/12/2010
Seeking Cancellation of Israel Prison Service Policy that Prohibits Joint Submissions by Prisoners Concerning their Conditions of Confinement to District Courts
Prisoner's Appeal 5898/10 Mahmoud Majadbi v. Israel Prison Service (IPS)
Last Update: 30/11/2010
Petitioning for Habeas Corpus and Demanding Information on Gaza Freedom Flotilla Passengers
HCJ 4193/10 Adalah et al v. Minister of Defense, et. al
Last Update: 07/06/2010
Representing Arab Political Leaders who were Arrested and Detained for Participating in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla
Ashkelon Magistrate Court, Motions 2080/06-105138/10 State of Israel v Sheikh Ra'ed Salah et al
Last Update: 03/06/2010
Demanding Israel Prison Service Reverse its Ban on Books in Prisons
Nazareth District Court, P.P. 439/09 Walid Dakka et al. v. The Israel Prison Service
Last Update: 19/05/2009
Human Rights Organizations Petition the Supreme Court to Nullify Law that Blatantly Violates Detainees' Rights
HCJ 2028/08 Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, et al. v. The Minister of Justice, et al.
Last Update: 07/01/2009
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