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Economic, social and cultural rights run the gamut from protection of minority language rights, to the right to an education, to the right to water. The breadth of the category highlights the pervasiveness of Israel's state discrimination against Arab citizens. Arab schools receive less funding; religious sites of the Arab Christian and Muslim populations are not protected alongside Jewish ones; Arab citizens face discrimination in employment; their municipalities are treated unfairly in budget allocations; and in the unrecognized Bedouin villages of the Naqab very few social services are provided at all.

Some of Adalah's main litigation includes: ensuring Israel implements a 2006 Supreme Court decision which declared that the 'National Priority Area' discriminates against Arabs; fighting for basic social services – such as water, electricity, schools, roads, and mother and child health clinics – in the Arab Bedouin unrecognized villages; challenging regulations which prohibit Arabs from opening their stores on Saturday; and achieving equal treatment for the Arabic language on road signs and in governmental operations, as befits its status official status.

A complete list of cases is available here. To filter by specific topics, use the links above:

Adalah Challenges State Discrimination in Funding of Passover/Easter Holiday Cultural Programs for Children
HCJ 2728/12, Adalah, et. al v. Ministry of Culture and Sport
Last Update: 02/04/2012
Adalah Appeals to the Supreme Court to Enforce the Right to Water in the Unrecognized Village of Umm al-Hieran
Civil Appeal 2541/12 - Salib Abu al-Qi'an vs. The Government Authority for Water and Sewage
Last Update: 27/03/2012
Use of Arabic on Signs in Mixed Cities.
HCJ 4112/99, Adalah, et. al. v. The Municipalities of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
The Use of Arabic on National Road Signs
HCJ 4438/97, Adalah, et. al. v. The Ministry of Transportation, et. al., Takdim Elyon, 1998 (1) 11)
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Announcements in the Arabic Press Regarding Political Parties and Platforms.
HCJ 989/99, Adalah, et. al. v. Registrar of Political Parties, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Seeking Publication of Public Announcements in the Arabic Language Press.
HCJ 1114/01, Adalah, et. al. v. Haifa Municipality.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Use of Arabic in Israeli Courts.
HCJ 792/02, Adalah v. The Director of the Courts, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Equal Access for Arab Students to Academic Enrichment (Shahar) Programs.
HCJ 2814/97, Follow-Up Committee on Arab Education, et. al. v. Minister of Education, et. al., P.D. 54 (3) 233
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Transportation to School for Arab Students.
HCJ 5562/97, Maisa Zoabi, et. al. v. Municipality of Afula, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
The Right to Kindergarten Education for Arab Children in Segev Shalom.
HCJ 8534/99, The Parents Committee in Segev Shalom, et. al. v. The Government-Appointed Council in Segev Shalom, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
The Establishment of Arab Schools in Beer Hadaj.
HCJ 5221/00, Dahlala Abu Ghardud, et. al. v. Ramat HaNegev Regional Council, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Right for Representation/Dismissal of the Head of Bedouin Education Authority (BEA).
HCJ 7383/01, Megel el-Hawashleh, et. al. v. Minister of Education, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Demanding Preschool Education for 300 Arab Bedouin Children in the Unrecognized Villages in the Naqab.
HCJ 3757/03, Ismael Mohammad Abu Guda, et. al. v. Minister of Education, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Suitable Classroom Facilities for Hearing-Impaired Arab Children.
HCJ 4219/03, Hani Aamer, et. al. v. Minister of Education, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
Demanding Education Ministry to Appoint Counselors for Arab Bedouin Students in the Naqab At Risk of Dropping-Out of School.
HCJ 6671/03, Munjid Abu Ghanem, et. al. v. Ministry of Education, et. al.
Last Update: 24/01/2012
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